Postdoctoral Position in RNA Biology and Neurodegeneration

Join our dynamic research team in Berlin to study RNA biology in neurons and its implications in neurodegenerative diseases. We’re focusing on ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that targets motor neurons, the cells vital for controlling skeletal muscle contraction and movement. Our goal is to uncover how defects in RNA metabolism contribute to neurodegeneration, providing insights into the pathogenesis of this disorder.

What You Will Do:

  • Engage in research using cutting-edge techniques, including systems biology (e.g. Ribo-seq, SLAM-seq etc), biochemical analysis, and various imaging approaches.
  • Implement hiPSC-derived models of neurodegeneration and CRISPR-mediated gene editing in your research.
  • Engage with compartmentalized neuronal cultures, building on our lab’s prior research (Loedige et al. Molecular Cell 2023; Mendonsa et al. Nature Neuroscience 2023; Mendonsa et al. NAR 2021; Ludwik et al. Methods 2019; Zappulo et al. Nature Comm 2017)
  • For a comprehensive understanding of our projects, visit Chekulaeva Lab.

Who We Are Looking For:

  • A highly motivated researcher with a background in molecular biology techniques and cell culture.
  • Prior experience in RNA biology and hiPSC culture will be a significant advantage.

Application Process:

Send us your motivation letter and CV, including contact information for at least two references, combined into a single PDF. Direct your applications to marina.chekulaeva(at) We look forward to your application!

Recommended reading:

(1) Loedige I.*, Baranovskii A.*, Mendonsa S., Dantsuji S., Popitsch N., Breimann L., Zerna N., Cherepanov V., Milek M., Ameres S. and Chekulaeva M. mRNA stability and m6A are major determinants of subcellular mRNA localization in neurons. Molecular Cell 3;83(15):2709-2725.e10.
(2) Mendonsa S.*, von Kügelgen N.*, Dantsuji S.*, Ron M.*, Breimann L., Baranovskii A., Lödige I., Kirchner M., Fischer M., Zerna N., Bujanic L., Mertins P., Ulitsky I., and Chekulaeva M.  (2023) Massively parallel identification of mRNA localization elements in primary cortical neurons. Nature Neuroscience 26: 394–405.
(3) Mendonsa S., von Kuegelgen N., Bujanic L. and Chekulaeva M. (2021). Charcot-Marie-Tooth mutation in glycyl-tRNA synthetase stalls ribosomes in a pre-accommodation state and activates integrated stress response. Nucleic Acids Research 49(17): 10007-10017.
(4) Zappulo, A.*, van den Bruck, D.*, Ciolli Mattioli, C.*, Franke, V.*, Imami, K., McShane, E., Moreno-Estelles, M., Calviello, L., Filiipchyk, A., Peguero-Sanchez, E., Mueller, T., Woehler, A., Birchmeier, C., Merino, E., Rajewsky, N., Ohler. U., Mazzoni, E., Selbach, M., Akalin, A., and Chekulaeva, M. (2017). RNA localization is a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome. Nature Communications 8(1): 583.

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