Job opportunities

Hiwi position available: We are looking for a motivated student assistant (Hiwi). Hiwi’s job will involve cell culture work, including CRSPR cell editing, RNA work, NGS techniques, cloning, and organizational tasks. Expected length of employment is 6 months or longer. Working hours (~10 hr/week) can be arranged around Master courses schedule. Hiwi 's position can also be combined with an internship or a Master project on the RNA biology in neurons. An ideal candidate should be a Master student at one of Berlin universities, majoring in Biochemistry, Biology or related subjects, have experience in cell culture, cloning and speak fluent English. To apply, please send your motivation letter, CV and contact details of at least two referees, as a single pdf file, to marina.chekulaeva(at)


We always welcome applications from proactive candidates. If you are interested in gene expression, RNA biology and neurobiology, and would like to do your postdoc, PhD, or Master thesis with us, send your motivation letter and CV to marina.chekulaeva(at)

Recommended reading:

(1) von Kuegelgen et al. bioRxiv (2021); (2) Mendonsa et al. NAR (2021); (3) Ciolli Mattioli  et al. NAR (2019); (4) Zappulo et al. Nature Comm (2017)